Restaurant owner hits back at customer after negative review

Martin Corless blasted the woman as 'ignorant' and a 'sit-at-home version Gordon Ramsey'


A tapas bar has shot back with a lengthy and scathing rebuttal after a customer criticised the restaurant's portion sizes in a review on TripAdvisor.

A user named Genna Thorpe was blasted as "ignorant" and told not to come back to Volare after she left a lukewarm three-star review following her anniversary dinner.

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She claimed that she and her husband shared five tapas dishes - appetizers or snacks served on small plates - but they failed to satisfy their hunger, the Huddersfield Daily Examiner reports.

After owner Martin Corless spotted the review he tore into the diner, calling her a "cowardly sit-at-home version Gordon Ramsey [sic]" who "just wanted two minutes of fame".

Tapas bar owner hits back at customer after negative review

Genna complimented the food but said she and her husband left hungry

Genna's review claimed the couple had made a 50-minute journey to the restaurant in Skelmanthorpe, West Yorkshire, following a recommendation.

Although complimentary over the food, Genna wrote: "I know tapas is little dishes of picky food but in all the other places we've been we've ordered 5 dishes and been full. We ordered 5 and was still hungry [sic].

"Rather than order more we decided to leave and go get dessert elsewhere.

"Tiger prawns were not tiger prawns they were tiny. Halloumi was amazing as we're the garlic and lemon potatoes. Everything else was just OK hence why we didn't order any more."

Tapas bar owner hits back at customer after negative review

Owner Martin Corless shot back with a scathing rebuttal

Genna complained about being sat by the fire exit, where her husband kept hitting his arm on the release bar.

She added: "Service was OK and the people were nice but for us is wasn't worth the drive. If we lived closer we would probably return."

Martin defended the portion sizes and made person attacks against the diner as he left a long rant in response to the critique.

He wrote: "Your review says a lot more about you than it does about Volare."

Tapas bar owner hits back at customer after negative review

Martin made personal attacks as he defended his restaurant

He claimed staff would have moved the couple if they had requested a new table, and their server advised them to order three or four plates each.

He added: "Someone did ask you if you'd like to order more.

"If you ordered five of the lighter dishes no wonder you were still hungry. Silly you!"

The owner took a number of personal shots at the diner, writing: "We shouldn't be at the butt end of your critical slurs - look within yourself.

"I know the Spanish would be outraged if they heard your description of their beloved Tapas dishes as 'little dishes of picky food' - you clearly need to educate yourself.

"I have looked at your previous reviews of other eateries and I can see you have a fondness for full English breakfasts, never ending Brazilian barbecues and traditional Sunday dinners.

"If this is your ideal type of cuisine, why don't you stick to these places and if you'd done so this time, you'd have freed my table up for some genuine tapas lovers."

He also called the customer an "attention-seeking bully", adding: "What gives you the right to think you can to go around behaving like a cowardly sit-at-home version Gordon Ramsey? [sic]

"You clearly have very little culinary knowledge."

Martin boasted about his restaurant's TripAdvisor rating - 4.5 stars after nearly 170 reviews - and claimed Genna's review caused his family stress.

He added: "You just wanted two minutes of fame didn't you?

"Well I suggest that you have a really good, long think about your inner self next time you get the urge to be obstreperousness about someone else's business."

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