Public votes to name bridge 'Floaty Mcfloatface'

There's seems to be a pattern emerging...


It's getting a bit silly now...

First there was the boat people wanted named Boaty Mcboatface, then the leading vote for the San Diego soccer team's name was Footy Mcfoot Face, and now this.

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A floating bridge was pretty much unanimously voted to be named, Floaty Mcfloatface.

The Isle of Wight Council asked people on Facebook to name their new state of the art floating bridge.

As you can imagine, votes for Floaty McFloatface flowed in...

But if history tells us nothing about these kind of votes, much like Boaty, it is highly unlikely the name will stick.

And, just like boaty, it will probably get demoted to some smaller piece of tech so as not to completely crush the public's confidence.

Names are be accepted until noon on April 7th where the best names will be put to a public vote.

A petition turned on in the hopes of making the name permanent.

If floaty does win, it could actually be in the Isle of Wight's best interest just to give this one to the public, otherwise who knows what might happen.

Name that bridge!

Name that bridge!