Russian building collapses on digger with driver inside

How did this man escape unharmed?


This is the horrifying moment a massive building collapsed on top of a mechanical digger with its driver still inside.

The footage shows a red digging machine working in front of a dilapidated-looking building due to be demolished.

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Without warning, the huge wrecked building in the south-western Russian city of Voronezh shows starts to collapse.

The digger driver starts backing up his vehicle but only gets a couple of feet before it is enveloped in a cloud of debris and dust.

The digger works on the building

It starts to collapse

The rubble tumbles onto the digger

Heavy chunks of the falling building smash down on its roof.

The dust billows dozens of feet into the air, up to the high vantage point from which the video is being filmed.

But when it clears, a figure can be seen hopping out of the cab apparently unharmed. He was reported to have suffered no serious injuries.

Other pieces of the demolished building seriously damaged a nearby business centre and crashed into a few parked cars.

The business centre workers were immediately evacuated as the front of their building was damaged and windows broken by scattering debris. Nobody was hurt.

It is concealed by dust

The digger cannot be seen

It is believed the workers responsible for the demolition had intended to bring it down but had miscalculated and caused the building to fall in an unexpected direction.

It was not clear why people were still working near the structure as it was demolished.
Police and the local prosecutor's office are investigating the case.

Netizen 'Sashka' said: "This is typical demolition Russian style, people in the office building were lucky the communal workers did not confuse the building they had to demolish with theirs."

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