Police use double decker buses to secretly spot bad drivers

The crackdown has seen 109 offences logged in Plymouth, Devon


Police to use double decker buses to crack down on bad drivers

Police spotters sitting upstairs on a double-decker bus directed a crackdown on bad drivers.

The specially commissioned bus gave a bird's eye view, with police cars sent in to pull motorists over.

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The crackdown on motorists in Plymouth, Devon, saw 109 reported for various offences - 25 for using a phone at the wheel, 53 for speeding, 25 for not wearing a seat belt, four for careless driving and two for drug driving.

Five drivers were caught doing over 100mph - one was caught doing 108mph - and another doing 68mph in a 30mph zone, said PC Andy Llewellyn today.

Credits: Plymouth Herald
An officer has a great view of the road from his vantage point

Credits: Plymouth HeraldPolice were secretly watching people from the top deck in Plymouth

Officers were on board the specially commissioned Citybus on Friday, using the extra height the bus offered to get the perfect viewing angle into people's cars as they drove past.

Marked and unmarked police vehicles then responded to any offences that were spotted by the loftily positioned police spotters.

Credits: Plymouth HeraldOfficers used the bus to crack down on bad driving

Credits: Plymouth Herald109 drivers were reported for various offences

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