Watch: Bus narrowly avoids massive sink hole opening in China

The traffic comes to a halt just before the road caved in


Credits: Peoples Daily China/Youtube

This heart-stopping footage shows the moment a huge sink hole appears in the middle of a busy main road.

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The clip shows vehicles pass by just seconds before the road opens up.

A bus carrying 21 passengers travels across the weakened section of road just as it begins to dip, with the vehicle bumping its way out of the 'danger zone'.

Credits: Peoples Daily China/Youtube

The clip captures the moment a dip appears in the road

Credits: Peoples Daily China/Youtube

A car dashes into the adjacent lane before the road caves in on itself

Another car just manages to move into the adjacent lane, clearly noticing the road collapsing before their eyes.

The footage was captured in Nanning Guangxi, China, and showed traffic come to a halt before the entire section of road caves in.

A camera fitted inside the bus shows the vehicle shaking as the driver desperately accelerates away from the dip with just seconds to spare.

Credits: Peoples Daily China/Youtube

Footage from a passing bus captures the huge hole in the ground

Credits: Peoples Daily China/Youtube

The hole was later filled in with concrete

One passenger can be seen stood up gripping a rail.

The clip later shows a police officer assessing the scene as a crowd builds up to peer into the hole.

Nobody was injured and concrete was later poured into the road gap.

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