Queen's Guard soldier shouts at dancing tourist

Tourist doing silly jig gets a fright at St James' Palace

Queen's Guard soldier shouts at dancing tourist

A Queen's Guard soldier has been filmed shouting at a dancing tourist outside St James' Palace.

The soldier, part of the Scots Guard regiment, is heard telling the man: "Haw, get yersel' away!"

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According to 9 News, the guard then said: "Ye came and ye done this yesterday anaw, do him wan, turn the camera aff."

The video, thought to have been filmed in January, has been viewed over 125,000 times on YouTube.

Many people agreed that the guard at Westminster was right to shoo the man away.

According to the Independent, one viewer wrote: "The 'tourist' was being disrespectful so was told to go away – end of story."

The Evening Standard reports that another said: "Those Guards are the first line of defence for the Crown and they see thousands of very strange people haunting London every year."

Another wrote: "The tourist was being a d***, and not for the first time, apparently."

The Ministry of Defence reportedly called the guard's reaction "appropriate".

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