Sign reveals why you need to stop feeding bread to ducks

Pond warning leaves public feeling guilty


A sign at a pond has left people feeling guilty after it warned of the dangers of feeding bread to ducks.

After a social media user shared a photo of the sign on Twitter, people have been having feeling ashamed about the harm they could have caused ducks in the past.

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The sign reads: "Thank you for not feeding us bread.

"Bread makes us ill, as it does not contain the right nutrition or calories we need to keep us warm in winter.

"Rotting bread pollutes our water and causes nasty surface algae, which kills our fish and gives us diseases. It also makes our water smell."

One person tweeted: "I'm about to cry. I've fed so many ducks bread."

Another said: "I've been feeding ducks breads this whole time. I'm so ashamed I'm such a monster."

One Twitter user added: "Been killing down ducks since I was about 6 then who knew they don't eat bread. RIP to all the fallen ducks."

Britain's favourite bird

Britain's favourite bird