Revealed: Britain's most adulterous town

The Official Infidelity Index claims 2.2% of Tunbridge Wells population are unfaithful


Do you live in Britain's most adulterous town?

If you are married and live in the affluent town of Royal Tunbridge Wells this may not make for easy reading.

The area in Kent has been given the dubious title of the nation's cheating capital, with 1,146 people reportedly being unfaithful right now.

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According to self-professed Official Infidelity Index 2017, 2.2% of the town's population are currently being unfaithful.

And next on the list, which ranks 140 cheating towns across the UK is Guildford, with 1,303 adulterers apparently seeing someone they shouldn't.

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Guildford ranks second on the list as place with most cheats, it's claimed

Third place went to Wrexham which had 1,027 adulterers making up 1.89 per cent of the town's population.

When it comes to cities, there's good news for Londoners.

The capital was found to be the fifth most faithful city, while Gloucester was named to be the most adulterous.

Glasgow on the other hand was the least adulterous, with just 0.56 per cent of its adult population having affairs.

The most faithful town was found to be Barry, which had only 88 cheaters, representing just 0.18 per cent of its adult population.

Credits: GettyLocations are ranked by how 'faithful' their inhabitants supposedly are (stock image)

The so-called Infidelity Index uses data from more than one million postcodes to claim to show how many people are having affairs in each area, based on data from, a dating website for married people.

It compares data with the population of each location to get the percentage.

Credits: GettyThe Official Infidelity Index 2017 ranks towns and cities in UK according to how many are adulterous (stock image)

Check out the top ten towns for extra-marital relationships in the UK below and find out where your area ranked here.

1. Royal Tunbridge Wells

2. Guilford

3. Wrexham

4. Maidenhead

5. Ashford

6. Taunton

7. High Wycombe

8. Livingstone

9. Beeston

10. Newcastle-under-Lyme

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