Five weird laws to look out for when you're in Asia

Where do you face a fine for being too fat?


Asia offers a spectacular range of culture, food and architecture, making it a haven for travellers. But there are some pretty weird terms and conditions...

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Here are the five most baffling laws that you might come across.

1. Watch where you walk in Thailand

In Thailand you should avoid stepping on money. Coins have the king's face on them so it's considered an insult to stand on them. You could be risking a prison sentence!

2. No chewing in Singapore

In an effort to keep the streets clean, chewing gum is banned in Singapore. Gum-chewers can face fines of up to $1,000 Singapore Dollars.

3. Remember to visit elders in China

In China ageing parents can sue their children if they don't think they visit enough.

4. No masturbating in Indonesia

Article 281 of the national law in Indonesia states that masturbating can result in 32 months in prison - and in extreme cases, you could lose your head.

5. Watch your weight in Japan

Since 2008 it has been illegal to be fat in Japan. Women's waists must stay under 34 inches and 35 inches for men. The law has proven results as just three per cent of the country are obese.

Weird laws around the world

Weird laws around the world