Raccoon obsessed with women's breasts

The zoo rented out the animal for a commercial advert


This raccoon in Russia that is apparently obsessed with women's breasts.

According to the Moscow zoo, this behind-the-scenes footage from a racy advert shoot is the reason why.

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The zoo, which rented out Thomas the raccoon. says the furry critter was traumatised and now has a rather unique obsession.

Now the zoo is suing the video studio.

They say they were never told the advertisement would be 'erotic.'

A zoo spokesman told the BBC that they noticed Thomas 'was attracted to women's breasts' after the shoot, adding that it 'took two or three months to change his behavior.'

He says, 'now he is happy again but he was sad before.'

Russian state media says the ad agency may file their own suit because the bra the was damaged and because the whole legal mess is stopping them from delivering the ad for their client.

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