UK weather: Storm Stella to bring rain and winds

Storm to sweep across Britain from the United States

England Weather

After battering the east coast of America with snow and powerful gales, the tail end of Storm Stella is set to strike Britain this weekend, bringing heavy rain and lower temperatures.

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Speaking to The Sun, Met Office forecaster Emma Sharples said: "We've started off with warmer weather across the south and sunny conditions but it will be a lot more cold from here on in and through the weekend.

"It will also be windy and wet for the first part of Saturday."

She added: "The emphasis is on the rain coming in from the west and heading eastwards affecting north and westerly areas."

Ms Sharples said there will be some dry weather through the weekend and the East will be mild with temperatures of up to 16C at times.

"Westwards temperatures are only likely to reach the low teens but it will be a bit clearer," she said. "It will be colder with the rain and without the benefit of the sunshine."

Meanwhile, Jim Dale, forecaster for British Weather Services, told the Daily Mirror that it will turn colder next week.

"We have been a bit spoilt by March so far with the warmth, but next week we are back to a dreary British weather pattern," he said.

"A bit of wintriness is not out of the question and we could see some snow over the hills in the north, don't put the hats and scarves away just yet.

"We are going back to square one with the risk of cold nights and morning frosts returning next week."

He added: "Southerly winds have helped the warmer weather this week, there will be a change to a more northerly flow next week turning things colder."

For the first half of next week, the Met Office says: "Bright at times in the north on Monday though with some rain or showers. Cloudier with spells of rain further south. Colder on Tuesday and Wednesday with some wintry showers."

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Weather sayings: True or false?

Weather sayings: True or false?