Spring breaker jumps into shark tank

A video shows the college student falling into the water at a Bahamas resort


The moment an American college student jumped into a shark tank during his spring break in the Bahamas was captured on camera.

The frat boy, who was not named, is seen in his swimming shorts on the edge of the tank, before falling in.

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He frantically tries to get out of the water as a shark swims quickly towards him.

His friend is heard screaming: "Dude, get out, get get!"

According to the Sun, the video was filmed at the Atlantis Paradise Island in the Bahamas.

The video was shared by totalfratmove on Instagram and has been viewed over 537,000 times.

Atlantis Paradise Island features a Mayan Temple Shark Lagoon, where Great Hammerhead sharks, barracudas and Caribbean Reef sharks can be found. The attraction has an inner-tube ride that takes guests through a clear underwater tube, as well as a Walk with the Sharks experience, with specially-designed underwater helmets.

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