Comedian finds poo in airline blanket

Nicole Byer made the horrifying discovery on a Delta Air Lines flight


An American comedian says she found poo in an airline blanket she opened on a Delta Air Lines flight.

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Nicole Byer took to Twitter to post a photo of the blanket and wrote: "Dear @Delta the grossest thing happened on my flight. I opened my blanket & there was a literal piece of s**t. How does that happen?"

She continued: "I mean what a gross customer to s**t in a blanket... but truly how did an employee just fold it up and put it in a bag?

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"I guess now I'll be cold on all my flights because I can never use a blanket again BC A LITERAL PIECE OF S**T WAS IN MY LAST BLANKET".

Bryer reached out to the airline on Twitter and was told to speak to a flight attendant.

She was offered $400 compensation but after declining the offer and tweeting "that's the amount you would offer for giving up your seat on an over booked flight or a seat not reclining," she was later given $600 and 50,000 air miles.

The comedian added that she was told there would be an investigation and that the flight attendant had confirmed there were faeces in the blanket.

According to The Sun, Delta Air Lines spokesperson Brian Kruse said the airline is taking the complaint seriously.

He said: "We're still working to find more information."

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