Peru flooding: Woman crawls from mudslide

Evangelina Chamorro Díaz was lucky to escape without serious injury


Footage has captured the moment a woman stumbled across rafts of debris to make it to safety after being caught in a huge mudslide that crashed through the outskirts of Lima, Peru.

Media reports in Peru said Evangelina Chamorro Díaz, 32, escaped without serious injury.

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"She is a little confused, but she is very well and will recover because she is a warrior and thank God nothing serious happened," health minister Patricia Garcia said after visiting Díaz on Thursday.

Several days of unusually heavy rains have killed at least a dozen people in the country with 12,000 people left homeless in northern Peru alone.
Floodlist reports that as many as 10,000 people have been affected by the heavy rainfall which started in December last year.

The rains are predicted to carry on for another two weeks with authorities on hand to provide shelter to those whose homes have been destroyed

The unexpected volume of rainfall and flooding has been blamed on El Niño Costero and the increased temperature of the Pacific Ocean.

Weird weather around the world

Weird weather around the world