Outrage after runaway sniffer dog shot dead at airport

Animal lovers' anger as escaped puppy killed in New Zealand

sniffer dog shot dead in New Zealand airport

A ten-month-old sniffer dog was shot dead by police at an airport in New Zealand after escaping its handler and causing delays to flights.

Bearded collie cross Grizz's death has sparked outrage among animal lovers and charities who have questioned why the puppy was not contained with a tranquiliser gun.

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The Aviation Security Service (Avsec) said Grizz fled his handler while being loaded into the back of a unit wagon.

According to Radio New Zealand, he managed to get into the security area and airport staff spent around three hours trying to catch him, using toys, other dogs and food.

When all attempts failed, police were told to shoot him as a last resort.

Avsec spokesman Mike Richards said police and Grizz's handlers were "absolutely devastated".

Hans Kriek, director of Save Animals from Exploitation, told News.com.au: "A tranquilliser gun should have been used after efforts to catch the dog failed. If such a gun was not available - which it should - then they could have borrowed one from Auckland Zoo or elsewhere."

Social media users also expressed their anger, with one Facebook user writing: "Shame on you, Auckland Airport. There's no excuse for your barbaric actions. I'll never give New Zealand my tourist dollar again."

Another tweeted: "I am so angry that auckland airport and the police shot grizz dead... he was just a puppy #shameonyou #ripgrizz".