Man reunited with his camera months after losing it in sea

Tony Howard found the camera on a beach in the UK


Sometimes you lose things and you're certain that you'll never see them again. Take dropping your camera in the sea, for example.

Tony Howard was out on the beach with his daughters in the UK recently when he came across a tattered camera.

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As most curious people would do, he took it home and used a pair of pliers to pull out its memory card.

The camera was in pretty terrible condition, so he was surprised that the memory card actually worked and showed hundreds of photos of a man in different locations around the world.

According to ITV, this included images of the man mountain biking and in military clothing in Afghanistan.

In a bid to find the camera's mystery owner, Tony decided to take to Facebook.

He asked people to share his post, and eventually found out it belonged to 49-year-old Andy Wagstaff.

Andy was ecstatic that his camera was found. He said he loaned it to a friend who lost it while out for a swim in the ocean.

"It's a relief because there are lots of photos on there," he says.

"I'd not got them saved anywhere or backed up. There are great photos on there from years ago.

"I was so surprised it had been found six months down the line still intact."

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