Man makes snow plough out of a toilet

The invention even has a hilarious name


Inventors can come up with the most ingenious plans, like this man who made a snow plough out of a toilet.

Complete with a salter made out of a shower head.

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The invention has also been given a hilarious name - 'Loo-cy'.

It was designed by local business owner David Goldberg as a way to jazz up shoveling snow.

The first version of Loo-cy was born in 2014 - Goldberg's store, Union Hardware, was marching in the Washington DC pride parade and they crafted a motorised toilet as a float.

After the parade the invention was entered into a car competition as a joke.

Unbelievably it actually won second place beating Ferraris.

The motorised toilet is even powerful enough to pull a plane... well, a small plane.

Now whenever snow piles up Loo-cy is on hand to help.

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