Victoria Beckham queues for her own groceries as New Yorkers stock up for snow storm


Victoria Beckham has shown she's just like the rest of us - as she stood in a long queue for groceries looking decidedly unimpressed.

The star was spotted this week doing some last minute shopping at US store Whole Foods in New York City, with the East Coast preparing for an incoming snow storm.

Families are stocking up ready for the extreme weather, and the former Posh Spice is no different as she was seen in the line with her shopping in the trolley.

Credits: Splash NewsVictoria Beckham doing her grocery shopping/Splash News

Victoria was wearing all black and a dark pair of shades as she stood with other customers and waited her turn.

Her trolley looked very full, with some salmon and hummus visible at the top of the pile as she stifled a yawn while she queued.

Credits: Splash News

Victoria Beckham seen doing some last minute shopping at Whole Foods/Splash News

She was also snapped carrying a grapefruit juice box towards the till.

It comes days after she was in Paris with her son Brooklyn - who celebrates his 18th birthday last week - and chaperoned his reunion with ex Sonia Ben Ammar .

Credits: Splash NewsNew Yorkers are stocking up before the incoming snow storm/Splash News

Now he and Sonia have reunited in the city of love – while Victoria took ­pictures of them outside the Louvre art museum.

On Sunday night, Brooklyn and Posh were spotted continuing the birthday celebrations at a family meal in London.

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