Stranger helps mum with twins about to be kicked off flight

Woman was not allowed to fly as she couldn’t hold both babies herself

Stranger helps mum with twins about to be removed from plane

A Good Samaritan stepped in when a mum faced being kicked off a flight - because she couldn't hold both her twin babies by herself.

Her car seat had been taken due to a lack of room, which meant she couldn't put one of the babies in the seat.

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But as she was about to be removed from the flight, another woman stepped in and offered to hold the baby for the entire time.

The Delta flight was meant to be only 45 minutes, but the woman held the baby the entire time as the plane was delayed on the tarmac for two and a half hours.

The story was shared by an eyewitness on the Love What Matters Facebook page.

It read: "Well, yesterday's supposed-to-be easy day of travel turned into an incredibly long day of travel home. This restored my faith in humanity.

"Yesterday, this woman on my flight had twin babies, probably under 6 months, not so sure of the age. It was a very packed flight so they started taking carry on luggage to store under the plane.

"A gate worker took this woman's car seat, meaning she would now have to hold both babies since they weren't old enough to sit up on their own in a seat.

"When she sat down on the plane, a flight attendant immediately told her she couldn't hold both babies, and would have to leave the flight.

"A mother sitting in front of me, with permission from the other mother, volunteered to hold one of her babies for the entire flight. Keep in mind this was a flight that was supposed to be a quick 45 minutes. We ended up sitting on the tarmac for 2 1/2 hours!

"Without a complaint this woman fed the other woman's baby and burped him. Her own daughter started crying. This mum, so calmly, went on to explain to her young daughter that 'our job is to help other people. This mum is all by herself with no help, and really needs another mum to help.'

"She then went on to hold him, sing him songs, and then he slept the entire flight without even a cry. My heart still feels fuzzy. Moral of the story is when you see people needing help, do the right thing and help them."

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