Three nights in New York could get you 18 nights in Albufeira

Holiday destinations where your pound will stretch further this spring revealed

Albufeira, Algarve

British travellers could enjoy 18 nights in Portugal's Albufeira compared to just three nights in New York City this spring, a new report from TripAdvisor has revealed.

The travel reviews website compared the average number of nights tourists could afford with £1,000 for accommodation and flights in ten of the most popular spring holiday destinations during the period of 1 March to 31 May 2017 and found that the Portugal's Albufeira offered the best value.

Offering 18 nights for £1,000 the sun-kissed spot is ideal for a spring break, while Benidorm was named the next best place for a budget trip with 17 nights for this price, followed by Prague for 13 nights.

The average cost of a flight to Albufeira costs £193 per person, while the average nightly hotel rate on TripAdvisor is £90.

In comparison, with the average flight per person costing £528 and the average nightly hotel rate on TripAdvisor at £293, New York City is the destination offering the shortest duration for the same spend – just three nights. Hong Kong and Dubai follow close behind as the most expensive destinations at four nights.

At the midway point are Paris and Bangkok offer nine and eight nights respectively, proving that it's possible to travel long-haul for the same price and more or less the same duration as within Europe. While the average per person flight price to Bangkok is nearly six times more than Paris at £619 versus £108, the average nightly hotel rate on TripAdvisor for Bangkok compared to Paris closes up the gap at £99 and £201 respectively.

Number of nights possible for £1,000 per person at 10 of the most popular spring travel destinations:

1. Albufeira, Portugal - 18 nights
2. Benidorm, Spain - 17 nights
3. Prague, Czech Republic - 13 nights
4. Marrakech, Morocco - 9 nights
5. Paris, France - 9 nights
6. Bangkok, Thailand - 8 nights
7. Reykjavik, Iceland - 6 nights
8. Dubai, United Arab Emirates - 4 nights
9. Hong Kong, China - 4 nights
10. New York City, United States - 3 nights

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