Bricks fly onto car after lorry loses control on motorway

The horrific incident was captured on camera in China


The moment a lorry covered a car in bricks after losing control on a motorway in China was captured by dashcam.

In the incident, the lorry is seen attempting to overtake a silver car on a busy road when it loses control and tips a stack of bricks onto the car.

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The time stamp on the dashcam footage shows that it happened earlier this week on 7 March but it is unclear whether the driver of the silver car was injured.

A few years back, a woman in China had an extremely lucky escape after her electric bicycle was smashed to smithereens by a lorry after she jumped a red light.

The woman was attempting to cross an intersection in Ningbo City in east China's Zhejiang Province when she went through the stop sign and nearly paid for her eagerness with her life.

She miraculously managed to jump off the bike and out of the way of the lorry - but her wheels had no such luck.

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