Which airlines give the most leg room on a plane?


If you feel that flying is becoming more and more difficult and stressful then you're not wrong.

That pricey bag of peanuts doesn't cut it on international flights anymore, and legroom has been shrinking.

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The perks that were once included are now sold at a premium, and they're not cheap.

So if you've ever had a kicking child sitting in the seat behind you then you know all too well that every inch of legroom counts.

But which airline offers the most space? Travel site Skyscanner just took the guess work out for us.

The typical seat pitch, or the distance between two seats, is around 31 inches.

Virgin Atlantic offers 31 inches but also goes up to 38 in premium - which means you have to pay... everything has a price now days.

Delta ranges from 31-35 without premium while Air France is tough to beat with up to 34 inches in economy and 40 in premium.

If you crave more space you might want to avoid China Southern Airlines which offers the least space at 29-33 inches.

According to the report Norwegian Air offers the most legroom at a whopping 46 inches.

This is the important information that's worth bearing in mind next time you book a holiday.

Ridiculous airline fees

Ridiculous airline fees