Traffic warden leaves woman late for dinner lovely note

Woman's faith in traffic wardens 'restored'


Traffic warden leaves woman late for dinner lovely note

A woman says her faith in traffic wardens has been "restored" after she returned to her car to find a nice note left on the windscreen.

Penny Cross, 35, was running late for dinner when she couldn't find a parking space.

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A traffic warden then appeared to come to her rescue, suggesting a place she could safely leave her car.

According to the Metro, he agreed to let Penny park in a space which, although in a line of 'private parking' spaces, was not labelled as such and she paid for a two-hour stay.

But when she returned from her night out, she found what looked like a parking ticket waiting for her.

However, a closer look revealed that it was actually a nice note left by the friendly ticket inspector, which read: "Hope you had a lovely meal, regards, your friendly traffic warden."

According to The Sun, Penny said: "I was fuming for a good 10 minutes thinking I had been booked after all.

"But then I opened it and found the note and it's restored my faith in traffic wardens."

She added: "You get those moments in life where a random act of kindness makes you realise there are some lovely people out there."

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