How you can spend the night in the London Eye


Question: Where can you spend the night with the best views over London's spectacular skyline?

Answer: By winning a sleepover in a London Eye pod.

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TripAdvisor Rentals and Wayfair have teamed up to take over London's most popular attraction for one night and one competition winner and their guest will get to spend the night on the wheel.

The Eye have seen more than 60 million visitors in the last 17 years but no one has ever spent a night there yet.

How you can spend a night in the London Eye

Take a look at the image below to see what the beautiful bedroom in one of the Eye's pods will look like, courtesy of Wayfair.

Competition: How you can spend a night in the London Eye

When the Eye closes to the public, their airborne boudoir will be set at the very top of the attraction, at a height of 443ft (135m). A champagne dinner will then be served in their room and the attraction will be staffed throughout the night.

But what if they need to answer the call of nature in the middle of the night? Residents will be able to contact attendees should they wish to come down to use the loo or stretch their legs.

Interested in this one-off opportunity? You can enter the competition here. The winner will be selected on 20 March.

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