Woman puts hair in restaurant meal then leaves bad review

Customer caught putting own hair in meal

A shameless customer has been caught pulling a hair from her own head and planting it in her meal before sending the food back - and leaving a damning review on TripAdvisor.

The video, shared on Instagram, appears to show the woman grabbing a piece of hair and putting it on the half-eaten plate at Casa Nostra, in Brisbane, Australia.

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In the post, restaurant owner Sarah Biuso wrote: "As you can see, she put her own hair in the plate, stirred it around and insisted the waiter remove it from her as she was so offended.

"Because we did not remove the dish from the bill, they told us explicitly that they would post bad reviews on TripAdvisor, which they did."

Mrs Biuso and her husband said the couple were difficult from the start of their meal - attempting to combine meals but only pay for one, and speaking rudely to waiting staff.

Credits: Instagram/casanostraristorante

The woman wrote a scathing review after claiming to discover a member of staff's hair in her grub

The review read: 'We came here for a romantic Italian dinner...and it turned out to be the worst experience ever!

"When we received our food my partners meal had a long hair in it, and when we showed this to the waiter, he got upset at my partner accusing him that it was his hair."

The restaurant owner told News.com that the review was only taken down after several emails were sent to TripAdvisor.

Credits: Instagram/casanostraristorante

The owner refused to give her a discount because she knew it had been staged

"We take very seriously any allegations of blackmail or threatening behaviour by guests against business owners," a TripAdvisor spokesman said.

"It is absolutely against the terms and spirit of our site to use TripAdvisor's name to try and claim discounts, compensation or freebies that would not be available to other guests. We strongly encourage owners who have experienced blackmail to proactively report such threats before a corresponding review is submitted by using our free Management Centre.

"When reporting such threats, we advise owners to provide as much information as possible to aid the investigation efforts of our fraud detection team. They will then be able to take action to stop those reviews from ever reaching the site."

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