This hotel will upgrade you for sitting in the middle seat


No one actually choses to sit in the middle seat on a plane, right?

But one hotel in the US is trying to change all that.

It is trying to encourage passengers to sit in the middle seat on flights to Los Angeles by offering free ocean view upgrades.

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The upscale Shore Hotel in Santa Monica is offering free ocean view upgrades from now until the end of May.

At a time when getting two bags of peanuts on the plane seems extravagant - the ocean view upgrade is a pleasant surprise.

Lonely Planet reports the hotel's manager said 'as the LA hotel has a beachfront location, it can make its tired and jet lagged guests more comfortable upon arrival'.

Nothing says relaxation more than the sweet sounds of crashing waves.

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Guests must be already booked with the hotel and be able to show proof of their coach class middle seat.

Fingers crossed that other hotels will start employing the same policy soon!

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