Watch: Driver smashes car window with fist in road rage dispute


Driver smashes car window in road rage incident

The incredible moment a BMW driver smashed another motorist's window with his bare fist and then pepper sprayed him in a shocking road rage dispute was caught on camera.

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Other drivers feared for their lives and those of the two warring men after the BMW motorist became provoked at a junction.

A witness, who recorded the attack on his mobile phone, said: "I truly believed someone may be about to loose their life. When the truck guy opened the back, I fully expected to see a shotgun."

Credits: Viral Hog

The road-rage driver battered a window and pepper sprayed motorist

Credits: Viral Hog

He put his arm straight through the shattered glass

In the footage filmed in February in Florida, the BMW driver punches the window of the black pickup truck, puts his hand straight through the shattered glass and peppers sprays the man.

He repeatedly sprays the stunned motorist's face but, after the pickup truck driver gets out his motor, he pulls out a metal pole from it's boot.

Credits: Viral Hog

Other shocked drivers feared for the men's lives

However, he is far too slow to exact some form of revenge as the BMW is speeds away at the end of the 46-second-long video.

Earlier in February, video footage emerged of two furious men "threatening to behead a lorry driver" in another terrifying road rage incident.

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