Moment man vomits during plane proposal

Hilarious moment man’s romantic proposal goes epically wrong


Man vomits during helicopter proposal

A man's carefully planned romantic proposal in a light aircraft didn't go quite to plan when he vomited as he popped the question.

According to the Metro, Darrell Hamilton Junior had written a sign saying "Merry me?" in his cousin's garden below the flightpath. And he was soon to find out that his spelling mistake was the least of his worries.

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He can be seen starting to get a bit queasy as the small plane gets into flight, but continues on with his quest and pulls out the ring box. He asks his girlfriend Rheanna if she will marry him, but she is looking out of the window.

He taps her on the shoulder and asks again but before she has time to saying anything, he's suddenly doubled over and vomiting at their feet.

The entire thing was captured on a camera Darrell set up to film the romantic moment, and, although he says he's still "embarrassed", he shared it online anyway as it's a "once in a lifetime" moment.

The Daily Mail reports that Darrell's plane proposal had been a year in the making.

But all his effort didn't go to waste, as Rheanna later said 'Yes' despite the whole puking up thing.

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