Naked man tackled to ground after Sydney Airport streak

Man streaked through terminal before being brought down at scanner


Naked man tackled to ground after breaching Sydney Airport security

A naked man has been tackled to the ground after breaching security at Sydney Airport.

The man was caught on camera streaking through a scanner, having earlier been filmed running nude alongside cars on the ramp at the airport into the Qantas domestic terminal, reports 9 News.

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He was tackled to the ground by several officers after making it to the scanner.

The Daily Mail reports that he was later arrested by Australian Federal Police.

Back in 2012, a woman who said she was suffering with a 'lack of sleep' stripped off naked at the security checkpoint at Denver International Airport.

The unnamed woman stood in her birthday suit at the check-in desk for around 20 minutes, where she asked for her boarding pass to be re-printed.

She was then taken to hospital for evaluation after saying she'd had no sleep the night before, but was not arrested or charged.

In May 2015, a man decided to strip down to his birthday suit as some kind of protest when he was told he would not be allowed to board his flight to Jamaica in the Charlotte Douglas International airport, according to the NY Daily News.

And, just last month, passengers at Nashville International Airport got a surprise when a naked man strolled into the airport for no apparent reason, reports USA Today.

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