Children frightened to play outside after 'goblin' appears at football pitch

Weird creature spotted in Santiago del Estero, Argentina

'Goblin' in Argentina

A group of children have vowed not to return to their local football pitch after spotting a 'goblin' while playing in the city of Santiago del Estero in northern Argentina.

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In a video uploaded online, the kids can be seen kicking a ball around before the strange creature appears at the side of the football pitch.

After spotting the small, dark shape move towards them, the group of boys run off screaming.

According to the Daily Mirror, one of the children's mothers described it as a "paranormal phenomenon" as she said her son was too scared to return to the field.

In 2105, a video emerged of a tiny 'goblin' running through a woman's kitchen in Argentina.

The footage shows a toddler playing on the floor before the figure appears beside him and escapes into the garden.

According to the Daily Mail, the mother believed her son, who often spoke to himself, had conversations with the mysterious creature.

Goblins are described as mischievous, ugly, dwarf-like creatures of folklore.

23 animals you probably didn't know existed

23 animals you probably didn't know existed