Dog buries best friend who was killed by car (heartbreaking video)

Pooch filmed covering his friend in soil after he died in Thailand

Dog buries best friend in Thailand

The heart-wrenching moment a dog buried his friend who died after being hit by a car in Thailand was caught on camera.

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In the video shared online, the dog is seen using his nose to pour dirt over his friend in Buriram, in the north-east of the country.

He stops to jump in and smell his friend before continuing to bury the dog.

One viewer noticed that the dog used its nose, rather than its paws, to move the soil.

"Pay attention to his behaviour," he said. "He's not using his paws. He's using his nose to displace dirt. "Is it him showing respect? Dogs are wonderful!"

Another social media user wrote: "I'm a 16 y/o guy but I legit wanted to cry, I would do anything for the dog who was pushing the dirt".

Last month, a golden labrador showed how much he loves his friend when he rescued him from a fast-flowing river in Argentina.

Footage of the dogs, which we first spotted at the Telegraph and Daily Mail, was uploaded to YouTube and showed the pair chasing a stick in Cordoba, Argentina.

The black lab leaped onto a slippery rock to catch his prize but then fell into the rapids.

But, thankfully, the yellow lab was ready and waiting downstream and as the black lab got swept past him, the yellow lab grabbed the stick and pulled his friend out of the river and onto the rock.