Brave waitress saves restaurant from giant lizard


After a day of adventuring in New South Wales, Australia, one might be looking for a bite to eat.

Local restaurant Mimosa Wines boasts about its local wines, wood-fired pizza, and beckoning sunlit terrace.

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But it makes no mention of a giant lizard...

The winery posted this dramatic video of local hero and waitress Samira dragging the Goanna back from whence it came.

Perhaps used to the bizarre creatures from Down Under, you can hear people laughing and clapping as she goes above and beyond her job description.

According to ABC News, a patron alerted French waitress Samia Lila of the intruder, which she at first thought was a dog.

She said: "I like reptiles, I think he is a really beautiful creature [and] I didn't want to hurt him."

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