How does this woman travel the world for free?


A couple who met on, a website where women sign up to take trips with generous men, went to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for $5,000 and he paid the entire tab.

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Massage therapist Heidy Pandora and professional photographer Paul Yager spent their days getting to know each other while staying in two separate rooms.

Pandora has already taken eleven trips around the world, all expenses paid but wanted this one to last longer.

"Hopefully I can see him after this trip," she said.

The website, which describes itself as a 'travel dating community', states: " is #1 for connecting travel-seeking singles.

"If you are a frequent traveler, you'll enjoy the ability to search, find, and meet adventure-loving singles.

"Our goal is to match all travel lovers who wish to share the sites of the world with someone special."

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