Is this the worst hotel in Britain?

Manchester hotel has received 266 'terrible' reviews on TripAdvisor

Merchants Hotel, Manchester

A £42-a-night hotel in Manchester has been named the worst hotel in the UK after it received 266 bad reviews out of 390 on TripAdvisor.

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The Merchants Hotel was described as an "absolute joke" by guests who said it was "dirty, cold, damp, mouldy" and "awful".

One reviewer said the "only positive is the location!"

Another said the "hotel needs boarding up!! No heating!!!! Freezing cold, springs coming through mattress no toilet in room, funny smell In room not even worth £2.00 a night".

Following the reviews, Manchester Evening News sent a reporter to stay at the hotel to see if it was really that bad.

They said their room came with a sink but no toilet and "very dated decor" with old carpets and "disgusting chairs".

The reporter added that the corridor was well painted with newer carpet and was "nice and clean too".

Some of the previous guests said the graffiti outside the hotel and the noise also contributed to their 'terrible' experience.

Hotel manager Shahid Naseeb told Manchester Evening News: "We have an extensive redecoration and improvement plan for 2017. As the building is leased we are limited in the scope of this work due to contractual obligations to not alter the internal footprint of the building. We are however committed to making any improvements that we can."

Last year, a hotel dubbed "the worst in Britain" was shut down on the spot over fears people could end up being electrocuted by dangerous electrics.

Fire chiefs and council inspectors also feared a fire could break out in the Fiorenzo Cazari on East Parade, Rhyl.

The hotel - formerly known as the Morville - will not be allowed to re-open until safety work has been carried out.

The closure was believed to have caused chaos for some guests, who were left stranded.

They were only allowed back in to grab their belongings before a sign was put up warning people there was "risk of electrocution, receiving an electric shock or fire".

'Worst hotel ever!' Aol Travel readers share their stories

'Worst hotel ever!' Aol Travel readers share their stories