Turkish Airlines flight evacuated over message on toilet wall

'BOMB TO TORONTO' found after plane pulled away from gate

Turkish Airlines Boeing 737

A Turkish Airlines flight was evacuated in Istanbul after the words 'BOMB TO TORONTO' were found written on the toilet wall of the Canada-bound plane.

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The incident on Saturday saw Flight TK-17 returning to the gate after it had pulled away for the flight.

A Turkish Airlines press official told The Associated Press that the plane was evacuated once it returned to its parking spot before the aircraft and passengers underwent security procedures.

The official said nothing suspicious was found. A new plane was designated for the flight to Toronto Pearson International Airport.

CBC reports that in a statement, Turkish Airlines said "it became clear that it was a false bomb scare alert" after the investigation.

The flight, which was due to arrive in Canada at 6.40am, was rescheduled for 10.26pm.

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