Young boy rescued from Welsh rock after ignoring parents

The seven-year-old spent two hours on the side of Goscar Rock after climbing too high

Boy stranded on Goscar Rock, Pembrokeshire

A seven-year-old boy was rescued from a rock on North Beach in Tenby, Pembrokeshire after climbing 40ft up the landmark and getting stuck.

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The youngster was filmed being rescued from Goscar Rock after emergency workers were called to the scene in West Wales.

According to the Western Telegraph, firefighters used a ladder to climb up the rock and lead the boy to safety.

A coastguard helicopter was also at the scene.

One beach-goer told the Daily Mail: "What a little scamp. I heard him being told to come down when he was only about 12 feet up.

"It would have saved a lot of bother. But he kept on going."

The schoolboy's parents called 999 and the rescue involving police, firemen and the coastguard helicopter cost an estimated £10,000, the newspaper reports.

He wasn't named but the boy was believed to be on a half-term holiday from England.

In 2014, a boy was rescued from quicksand in Cumbria after trying to retrieve a ball at the shore.

The teenager became trapped up to his knees and an RNLI spokeswoman told beachgoers "to always be vigilant on the sands".