How will Brexit affect travel and holidays?

Top tips, trends and advice for post-Brexit holidays

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Brexit is a hot topic at the moment and once Britain leaves the EU there will be changes that affect you as a British tourist - but what exactly will a post-Brexit holiday bring?

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Britain is set to begin with proceedings to depart the European Union under Article 50 at the end of March and the government has made it clear that there will be restrictions and changes to EU travel and migration. While the model has not been confirmed as of yet, there will almost certainly be changes that the average British holidaymaker should keep at the front of their mind as proceedings begin. Some of these changes include flight prices, visas and international medical care.

Since the referendum, the pound has fallen to its lowest since 1985, meaning that everything from a cup of coffee to a night at a luxury hotel is more expensive.

HolidayTravelWatch has released its travel predictions and top tips for post-Brexit holidays in the informative video (above), with things to consider including a possible rise in travel insurance, visas for European trips and the cost of flights increasing.

Meanwhile, travel companies say they have already seen changes, with travellers booking early amid fears that holidays will cost more due to the value of the pound plunging once Article 50 is triggered.

The Guardian reports that this year's prices will not reflect the full force of the pound's drop due to hedging - insurance against movements in the pound - but this hasn't stopped holidaymakers from booking their trips in advance.

Holiday lettings company Interhome UK says it has seen unusually high advanced bookings, a 50 per cent rise in summer holiday bookings after Boxing Day compared to the year before.

Adam Walsh, at Interhome UK, told the newspaper: "People are much more aware of the impact of sterling on the price of their holiday."

Post Office Travel Money has also highlighted long-haul destinations such as Costa Rica and Mexico for cash-conscious Brits to get more for their holiday money and says that those after an affordable European trip should look to the Baltic States, where city breaks in Riga, Tallinn and Vilnius offer excellent value in 2017.

Has Brexit made you book your 2017 holiday early? Leave a comment and tell us below.

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