Harrowing footage shows avalanche destroying Italian hotel


Harrowing drone footage has captured the true devastation left behind after an avalanche buried an Italian hotel killing 29 people.

The Hotel Rigopiano in the Abruzzo region of Italy was destroyed when 120,000 tonnes of snow poured down the mountain.

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The clip, recorded by a drone flying over the area, shows the hotel lying in ruins after it completely collapsed under the weight of the ice.

Cars were overturned and destroyed by the avalanche, and the landscape appears totally decimated.

As reported by BFMTV, the clip shows the path taken by the snow as it crashed down the mountain and into the hotel.

Credits: Sky News

Credits: Sky News

The 120,000 tonne avalanche hit the hotel at about 100km/h (60mph) - giving people little chance to take shelter.

It's now known that many of the hotel guests had already gathered together on the ground floor to await help after earthquakes in the region earlier that day.

One of the survivors of the avalanche which completely buried an Italian hotel has revealed she ate ice and snow to stay alive during her terrifying 58-hour ordeal.

Credits: Sky News

Credits: Sky News

Giorgia Galassi, 22, was one of at least nine people pulled alive by rescuers.

Student Giorgia has revealed that she was sitting with her 25-year-old fiance Vincenzo Forti - a pizzeria owner from Giulianova - on a wicker sofa in front of a fireplace in the lobby of the hotel awaiting evacuation when the avalanche hit.

"I especially, I was convinced that the final blow would come. I was afraid, in fact," she told Italy's Corriere della Sera.

"Then it fell apart around us and I did not understand a thing."

Central Italy has trembled with more than 48,200 seismic events since a quake razed the town of Amatrice last August, killing 300 people.

A further five people have been found dead elsewhere in the Abruzzo region since the double blow of snow and quakes, the national civil protection agency said.