Bull fighter thrown in air like a rag doll

Luckily Sebastian Castella only received minor injuries


Terrifying moment bull fighter is thrown in air

This is the sickening moment a French bullfighter was tossed around in the air like a rag doll by an angry bull.

Sebastian Castella, 34, had been performing inside the ring alongside other bullfighters Roca Rey and Luis Miguel Castrillon when he was injured by the bull.

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Images later shared online show the matador holding out his purple and yellow cape, standing upright as the bull charges towards him.

The large animal runs straight through the cape as planned, but it catches one of Castella's legs, who is knocked to the ground.

Credits: CEN/Sebastian Castella Facebook

The bull caught Sebastian Castella on his leg CEN/Sebastian Castella Facebook

The bull then turns around and attacks the bullfighter, tossing him up into the air with its horns like a ragdoll.

The other bullfighters in the ring quickly come to the rescue, one of them distracting the bull while the others lift Castella up, who brushes himself off before resuming the fight.

Credits: CEN

The bullfighter was knocked to the ground CEN

The incident occurred in the Bullring of La Santamaria, in Colombia's capital city Bogota.

Despite the incident, Castella received only minor injuries and decided to carry on the bullfight until the end.

Credits: CEN

The matador was helped to his feet by two colleagues CEN

The French bullfighter recently caused outrage in the media after an interview before a bullfight where he said: "Like all animals, bulls do not have duties, therefore they do not have rights."

His comments sparked many online debates about the culture of bullfighting and animal rights. One user commented: "What an idiot! They have the right to live without being a spectacle for humans to watch."

Credits: CEN/Sebastian Castella Facebook

Castella suffered minor injuries and continued the fight CEN/Sebastian Castella Facebook

Castella responded to the negative comments saying: "There are so many double morals in this debate, if there weren't then no animal activists would eat meat or have a castrated pet."

The bullring of Santamaria only re-opened this year after left-wing mayor Gustavo Petro decided to close it in 2012. Its reopening has caused outrage among animal rights activists who have staged various protests outside the bullring. As many as 34 people were injured and 5 were arrested during a protest earlier this month.

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