Orange 'UFO' spotted in French skies

The object appears to be in two parts and is lit up by orange lights


Orange 'UFO' lights up skies in France

A UFO has been spotted hovering over Normandy in France.

Footage of the sighting released by UFO Today on YouTube shows the lit up object with orange lights - perhaps in two parts - and possibly joined flying in the sky above the coastal town.

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UFO Today said: "One of my contacts in France send me over this video from Normandy.

"He claims the footage is real and a lot of people saw it.

Credits: UFO Today / You Tube

UFO Today / You Tube

"The object hovered above the village for a couple of minutes until it simply vanished.

"The cellphone of his friend just died out minutes before the object disappeared."

But some commenters doubted the footage.

One said: "Fires on a hillside, obscured by mist/fog/haze."

Credits: UFO Today / You Tube

UFO Today / You Tube

Another added: "LOL!

"I believe there's a mountain in the background and those are fires.

"Try using your head people."

The video has been viewed more than 20,000 times.

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