Sneaky seal hitches a ride on kayak on Forth Estuary

"It showed little fear and no sign of aggression"


Amusing footage of a seal hitching a ride on a man's kayak while he's paddling in the Forth Estuary, Scotland.

The video shows the cute animal climbing up onto the boat, despite the kayaker feeling a little apprehensive about the experience.

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The filmer later wrote online: "We noticed a seal following us; this is normal when kayaking but this seal was coming closer than normal.

"I was taking photos and video of it and I was dropping back from the rest of the kayakers.

"I had dropped back about 50 metres behind two friends when the seal decided to come in for a close look at the back deck of my kayak.

"I was wary as it is a wild animal, and only a few feet away. It showed little fear and no sign of aggression."

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