Is that a great white shark in a Sydney canal?

Local's footage of 'juvenile great white' goes viral

Is that a great white shark in a Sydney canal?

If you thought there was only a chance of coming across a great white shark in Sydney's oceans, think again.

One resident filmed one happily swimming around in one of the city's canals at the weekend.

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The juvenile shark was seen in the Alexandria Canals, and the video was shared on the Dorsal Shark Reports Australia Facebook page.

The video has been viewed over 210k times, and has received a number of comments.

One man joked: "I think it's one of those hipster innerwest Sydney sharks."

Another said: "Ummm so this baby shark has a Mum and Dad somewhere close by probably. Most likely following the slow coach of the group that's the best chance to fall in."

Some people questioned whether it was a great white and suggested it might be a bull shark, more commonly spotted in city waterways.

One said: "Possibly same shark that was spotted at Brighton Beach this morning. This probably is a bull shark. They have found bull sharks 40 to 50 odd km up a river in South Africa where the water is almost fully fresh."

Another disagreed saying: "To me it looks like a juvenile great white.
Look closely in the video. White underside, multiple white anal fins & the sharp nose..."

One user wrote: "Great white or bull shark, water is warm enough. Beware swimming at the moment. They are even taking hooked up fish from anglers of late. Lots of fish in Botany Bay for the sharks to chase and eat."

Can't imagine we would fancy a refreshing dip in this canal, whether it's a bull shark or a great white.

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