UK weather: 'Coldest weather of winter' coming to Britain

Freezing temperatures, icy winds and snow expected in the UK

Winter weather Feb 12th 2017

Health officials have issued a warning for the elderly and sick to stock up on food and medical essentials as weather forecasters predict more snow and freezing temperatures this weekend.

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The next two days could see the coldest temperatures this winter, with the North East expecting 10cm of snow and gales, the Independent reports.

Met Office spokeswoman Nicola Maxey told the newspaper: "Down the eastern side of the UK we are likely to see snow flurries, sleet and showers coming through, which are likely to turn wintry.

"We could see gales in the North East, with drifting snow, and we could see icy conditions and disruptions to transport, particularly on higher routes through the Pennines."

Chief Meteorologist Andy Page at the Met office said: "The easterly air flow will continue through the weekend and with strengthening winds it will feel very cold. Wind chill will make it feel more like -4C during the day, so make sure you are prepared if you are heading outdoors."

Winds will pick up across the south of the UK by Sunday and this, combined with the cold temperatures, will make it feel very chilly, he adds.

Meanwhile, Professor Paul Cosford, Medical Director and Director of Health Protection at PHE says: "With more cold weather across all parts of England now is the time to really think how it could impact you and your family, particularly those who are very young, over 65 or who have heart and lung conditions.

"Try to keep homes heated to at least 18C, stock up on any essential medicine or food that you need before the cold arrives and remember that you will be warmer wearing several thin layers instead of fewer thick ones.

The Met Office says that as we head through next week, the air flow will gradually move towards coming from the south-east and eventually the south, meaning it should start to feel less cold.

After respite on Valentine's Day, when temperatures will reach a mild 13C, the weather in late February could bring more snow and colder conditions.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror, Met Office forecaster Greg Dewhurst said: "13C highs are possible on Tuesday, remaining mild later in the week. But we expect cold spells ahead in February and March, risking wintry conditions.

"At the end of February, incursions of milder weather look short-lived. Temperatures will perhaps be a little below average. Nights will be cold with the risk of frost."

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