Lawyers fight on plane over armrest

Flight attendants had to relocate one of the passengers


Passengers on a flight from Gatwick to Malaga were forced to watch a heated row between two people sat next to each other - over an ARMREST.

The pair, who both claimed to be lawyers, were filmed on mobile phone by onlookers who couldn't believe what was unfolding in front of them.

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During the mid-air argument the man insists the woman is taking up his armrest when she has her own free.

Desperate members of the Monarch cabin crew had begged the pair to stop fighting.

He refuses to move seats to diffuse the situation though, loudly proclaiming he had 'done nothing wrong'.

Credits: YOUTUBE/UTAlexS

The man is heard replying: "Relocate her, I'm not going anywhere, I paid for this seat.

"This woman is obnoxious and rude.

"You can relocate her, I'm not moving anywhere, anywhere at all."

The woman can then be heard telling the man not to shout before adding: "Do not spit on me.

"I'm a lawyer and I know my rights."

Credits: YOUTUBE/UTAlexS

Credits: YOUTUBE/UTAlexS

But the man immediately retorts: "And I'm a lawyer too, you stupid woman!"

He then stands up as crew beg him to calm down.

The woman is heard saying: "I'm glad this is recorded. I am a lawyer and I will sue you guys if you don't do anything."

Credits: YOUTUBE/UTAlexS

One amused passenger is heard cheekily remarking: "God, everyone's a lawyer today."

The woman is then heard accusing the man of hitting her with his elbow.

Credits: YOUTUBE/UTAlexS

By the end of the clip, both the man and the woman appear to have been moved to opposite ends of the plane.

The footage was allegedly recorded on New Year's Eve and has recently been shared online. has contacted Monarch Airlines for comment.

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