Ten cruises that take you to see the Northern Lights

Witness nature's great light show on an extraordinary Aurora Borealis cruise holiday

Aurora borealis, northern lights

Northern Lights holidays are firmly on most Brits' travel bucket lists and it's not difficult to work out why a cruise is how many of us are choosing to see the magnificent Aurora Borealis. After all, there's nothing on Earth quiet like this.

Being on the deck of a ship at sea, far away from artificial light pollution yet a stone's throw away from your cosy cabin and a hot toddy or three, you're in a pretty ideal place for Aurora-spotting.

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This year sees a number of winter cruises to the Arctic Circle, Greenland and Norway, which take in the magical Northern Lights - many with some great deals and affordable prices.

On a once-in-a-lifetime Northern Lights cruise you can explore fjords, forests and glaciers, taking in the superb scenery as you sail in search of the dancing lights above. During the day, the snowy landscapes play host to enjoyable activities, from husky sledding to trips to ice hotels.

Take a look at our pick of the best Northern Lights cruise holidays.

Northern Lights cruises

Northern Lights cruises