UK weather: 'Beast from the East' to bring snow showers

Britain to be colder than some parts of the Arctic by end of week


UK weather: 'Beast from the East' to bring snow showers

A blast of cold air being dubbed the 'Scandinavian shiver' is set to bring Arctic temperatures and snow showers this weekend.

Some weather forecasts are suggesting temperatures could drop to -14C over night in some parts of Scotland, which would be the coldest spell of winter and also the lowest the mercury has dipped since February 2012, according to The Sun.

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The Mirror reports that some parts of Britain may even face six inches of snow on Saturday, in the north, with snow showers hitting in the East, Midlands and West, and the possibility of them in most parts of the country.

The Met Office reports that the weather will take a chilly turn from Thursday.

The forecast into the weekend reads: "Thursday will be cold and cloudy for many with further wintry showers in the east. The west will see the best of any sunshine, however it will also turn breezier.

"From Friday to Sunday, they'll be remaining cold and at times breezy making it feel bitter for many. Often cloudy with snow showers, perhaps becoming more widespread for a time over the weekend. Widespread overnight frosts."

UK weather: 'Beast from the East' to bring snow showers

Speaking to the Telegraph, Met Office forecaster Emma Sharples said it's definitely time to get your woollies out as the weather pattern changes to an easterly one, explaining: "The wind will start to pick up from the east, so it's not just numerically temperatures being low but, also, the wind chill's going to add to that as well."

Temperatures may get a little warmer next week before going cold again towards the end of February and into March.

The outlook for Wednesday 22 February to Wednesday 8 March reads: "Through the rest of February, the preferred scenario is for conditions to remain largely settled overall, meaning that our weather will probably stay on the cold side.

"There are likely to be a lot of dry days and some sunny spells but the nights will be cold, probably with some frost and fog for some.

"There is a small risk of a few sleet or snow showers in southern and eastern parts, although confidence is low.

"Occasional but most likely short-lived spells of milder and wetter weather are possible, and these will most likely be in the west and northwest. The weather at the start of March currently looks rather uncertain, but there is a chance it could turn milder and more unsettled."

It's the perfect time for a winter sun holiday, then.

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