'Corpse bride' haunts visitors to wedding boutique

Some claim the mannequin is actually an embalmed body


This incredibly life-like mannequin is called 'La Pascualita' and it hides an 87-year-old mystery.

La Pascualita has been showing off wedding dresses from the People wedding boutique in Chihuahua, Mexico since before many of us were born.

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However, local legend says that La Pascualita is actually the embalmed cadaver of the store's first owner.

Benjamin Duram, the current owner, said: "The legend says that there was a woman who had a bridal shop thus her greatest dream was to see her daughter getting married.

"Her daughter's wedding day she died and then the mum, extrmemely sad, decided to embalm her and expose her in the main display window of her business in order to see her everyday and being together with her forever."

He also mentioned that some people claim to have seen her body move while others say her eyes move and she changes position.

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