Marriott to trial communal rooms for up to 16 people

Guests would have their own room but a communal living space


Marriott is looking to shake up the hotel room as you know it.

It's an attempt to keep up with companies like Airbnb, the chain is trying out the idea of communal hotel rooms.

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It's a room you'd share with anything between six and 16 other people.

The guests would each have their own room but the living space would have a kitchen, dining room and lounge area.

Marriott executives are looking at putting the communal rooms in 23 of their hotels.

Considering they have more than 3,000 hotels, it's a pretty small test size.

The rooms would be available for families, business colleagues, friends and even strangers who are looking for a 'different' hotel experience.

But for now they're still testing the communal room idea out at their headquarters in Maryland, USA.

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