Bride accidentally invited Swedish stranger to hen do - and he turned up

Charly Meechan gave her maid of honour the wrong email address and invited a man from Sweden instead


Bride-to-bed accidentally invites stranger to hen party, and he turned up
Bride-to-be Charly and Daniel who came all the way from Sweden to attend the party/Photo: Irish Mirror)

A bride-to-be mistakenly invited a complete stranger to her hen do - and he turned up... all the way from SWEDEN.

Charly Meechan sent her maid of honour a list of guests as they planned her 1920's themed party.

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But she didn't realise she had accidentally misspelled a pal's email address.

She told Dublin Live: "My very good friend here is called Daniel Dudek, he is originally from Poland but lives and works in Dublin.

"As I am no ordinary hen I decided that I would like both men and ladies at my party. I had given the Maid of Honour a list of everyone's emails and unknown to me at the time I had misspelled Daniel's email address.

Credits: Irish Mirror

"Skip ahead a few weeks I asked my Daniel if he had received the email invite to my Hen.

"He said he had but from his namesake in Sweden not from Kathy.

"Irish Daniel said it happens all the time and for the last 10 years they have exchanged multiple misdirected emails to each other.

"As the months went on I realised that Swedish Daniel Dudek was still on our mailing list.

Credits: Irish Mirror

"One night while sitting in the Long Stone pub I decided that it would be great if the two Daniels could finally meet and Swedish Daniel had heard so much about this hen that he might as well come so I emailed him."

After a little debating and a Facebook post asking his friends to tell him whether he should take the intrepid trip to the capital or not - Swedish Daniel decided to take Charly up on her offer.

Credits: Irish Mirror
Daniel got on like a house on fire with the hen do guests

Charly said: "His friends and colleagues thought this would be great so he booked his flights and the rest is history.

"He came over on Friday the 3rd and partied with us right through until yesterday.

"I showed him some of Dublin before he had to go home last night.

"I didn't know if he would accept. I thought he would politely decline as he didn't know me but I am very glad he did say yes! I had an excellent day/night at my hen party.

"Everyone got on like a house on fire and some lifelong friendships have been formed. My MoH did an excellent job at organising everything."

Credits: Irish Mirror
The two Daniel Dudeks finally got to meet

And how did Daniel wind up a fabulous trip to the capital? By pouring his first pint of Guinness of course!

Charly said: "We had a great time hanging out. He stayed with me on Friday night and then on Sunday I showed him some of Dublin and took him to the Guinness storehouse so he could pour a pint of Guinness."

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