Woman 'frogmarched' off Monarch flight after racist tirade

Holidaymaker described herself as ‘nine out of 10 drunk’

woman 'frogmarched' off Monarch flight after racist tirade

A woman had to be frogmarched off a Monarch flight from Manchester to Ibiza has been jailed for 12 weeks.

Zareena Shaid, 24, who admitted to being "eight and a half to nine out of 10 drunk", was removed after she reportedly called one passenger a "f****** n*****".

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She also referred to another passenger with a speech impediment as a " f****** m**g" when asked to be quiet ahead of take-off.

As she was removed from the flight, Zareena reportedly gave passengers the middle finger on the way out.

According to The Sun, one witness said he felt "physically sick" during her outburst in which he saw her "racially abusing another passenger".

Ms Shaid admitted racially aggravated harassment at Manchester Magistrates Court in relation to the incident on 13 September 2016.

The Daily Mail reports that District Judge Nick Sanders told Ms Shaid: "No one who heard the facts of the case were not shocked by your behaviour on the aircraft those months ago, it was frankly disgusting. The level of your intoxication gave rise to this abuse of passengers, racially aggravated, aggravated by disability was as I said disgusting."

He explained that he liked to give young people a chance to learn from their mistakes, but that unfortunately, "this case was not your first mistake". He referred to the fact Ms Shaid has been in court before for drink driving and criminal damage charges.

He added: "The offence crosses the custody threshold. I do take into account you have not been to custody before and your relatively young age, but custody is inevitable. You need to learn from your mistakes and it's for that reason immediate custody has to be given."

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